The Space Exploration and Analysis Laboratory (SEAL) at Georgia Tech studies how sensor data may be used for spacecraft navigation and space science. We are experts in developing algorithms to extract information from data collected by cameras, telescopes, LIDARs, RF transceivers, and other sensors. Our approach is characterized by a relentless pursuit of algorithmically simple yet theoretically rigorous algorithms that lend themselves to implementation onboard resource-constrained spacecraft.

Featured Publication

Henry, S.; Christian, J.A. | Absolute Triangulation Algorithms for Space Exploration | Journal of Guidance, Control, and Dynamics, Vol. 46, No. 1, 2023, pp. 21-46. | 2023
Christian, J.A. | A Tutorial on Horizon-Based Optical Navigation and Attitude Determination with Space Imaging Systems | IEEE Access, Vol. 9, 2021, pp. 19819-19853. | 2021